When you come to the Albanian shores, especially in the ULTRA-VIP dimension like the billionaire Joe Lewis, owner of Tottenham FC, and you have to move on land, to seek service? ALBARENT of course! Vip-Lounge services from ALBARENT take care of the class 🎩!
📷 1 Durrës, Jahti Aviva, property of the tycoon (2 112 mln)!

ALBARENT Vip-Lounge Services

ALBARENT Vip-Lounge Services

ALBARENT Vip-Lounge Services - the only partner in the Albanian market for high level services of reception-escort and escort delegations, dignitaries, personalities and celebrities!

The result of a Fleet and model organization, we get the best impressions!

Driven Rental Services for Ermal Meta & Rita Ora


"ALBARENT in today's VIP Lounge services"

"Even Donald Lu, the American Ambassador with the ALBARENT TOURS minibus! We continue to be the most engaged company with VIP groups and services in Albania!"