Car Rental


ALBARENT LTD, founded in 2009, is a 100% Albanian owned company proud to represent the highest standards for the Albanian car rental and car driven services market. ALBARENT operates with over 300 vehicles of different categories, all functional from economy category to luxury vehicles, 4x4, Pick-Ups, Hybrid, compact cars, minivans or vans, minibuses, bus transportation (tourist transportation vehicles and buses), luxury SUV-s, historical and collection vehicles. Most parts of our operating vehicles are under warranty from the manufacturer (more than 90% of the total number). ALBARENT LTD updates and renovates its operating fleet within 2-3 years’ intervals.

Our company’s vehicles are the best available in the market with the newest options, most accessorized and with a diversity of characteristics, offering the best price/quality ratio compared to the standards of the Albanian market.


Based upon a study conducted prior to the foundation of the company, we as ALBARENT LTD have chosen the harder path to invest in a new Brand, than to working under a foreign franchise of another foreign well-known company. While planning our business and projecting the start-up of the company, we decided to build a success story of Albanian Entrepreneurship- ALBARENT LTD that aims and delivers services of higher standards while trying to offer the lowest possible operational costs with the best final results for the client's needs and an affordable price (solution) for the client's pockets.

Our ability and flexibility to adjust to the client needs as well as our commitment for a happy workplace make our clients feel home and always welcomed.