Full and Personalized Long Term Rentals & Operational Lease-ing
The automobile is an indispensable part of our lifestyle. However, often, owing a vehicle means a lot of stress and tiredness from the daily routine of solving situations that are closely related to the ownership of a vehicle. There is a new approach to having your own vehicle, even the vehicle of your dreams if you wish, and for which it is not necessary to spend significant amounts of financial resources or other administrative obligations associated with buying a car, such as the insurance for maintenance and services, the anxiety of remaining without a vehicle in cases of serious flaws, payments of expensive insurance policies, especially when owing an expensive vehicle, or the inconvenience at the end for the sale of the vehicle whose value has depreciated significantly compared to the initial spending, without forgetting the tax paid on the sale or on the possession of the vehicle.

VW AMAROK 2.0 TDI 4X4 Pick-UpBetween many ALBARENT’s offers we highlight the Fully Personalised Operational Lease-ing as well as the Personal Long Term Lease-ing with a full and personalized package. ALBARENT thinks further, offering many advantages compared to the traditional purchasing of a vehicle with the Bank's Financial Lease propositions. We offer the ultimate solution to the annoying long procedures connected with the ownership of a personal vehicle or your company’s vehicle.

What is included in the Full Operational Lease-ing and Personalized Long Term Lease offered by ALBARENT?

•    It is not necessary to pay an advance deposit (down payment) (25-30% required when you purchase a new vehicle in a car dealership or 30-35% by all Banks that would accept to finance it).
•    Simplified administrative procedures.
•    Free advice during the selection process of picking up a desired car.
•    ALBARENT takes upon all the administrative procedures related to the ordering of a new vehicle and its relevant registration. ALBARENT is willing to guarantee your transportation with a replacement/substitute vehicle until the arrival of the new vehicle ordered through OL (Operational Lease-ing).
•    Payment by ALBARENT for all additional obligations: Fee ownership, road/driving tax.
•    Full warranty period, and after this period, authorized care for the vehicle.
•    ALBARENT pays and supervises all the periodic services required for the vehicle maintenance, subject to the OL contract.
•    Shifts and changes of consumption parts, such as tires, brake padles, brake discs, wipers, shakeabsorbers, absorbing joints, etc., periodically.
•    Compulsory Third Party Liability Insurance (TPL) as well as Full Coverage Insurance KASKO (up to 90% coverage for theft/fire/damages) for the entire period of the Full Operational or Long Term Lease-ing, which gets paid by ALBARENT for the vehicle, subject to the OL contract.
•    Replacement car within the same category in cases of defects (specifications on the contract).
•    Billing of the OL service with VAT and recognition of this bill by the tax authorities as an expense, therefore giving ALBARENT’s customer the option to reimburse the 20% of VAT paid, as well as benefit from this bill a 10% decrease of the total value from the profit tax (when the client is a legal/registered businessman or business firm). Example: The OL monthly rental bill is 600 Euro, about 30% of this value gets reimbursed to the client, and therefore the service in this case costs only 420 Euro!
•    Flexibility and the opportunity to change the vehicle by continuing with ALBARENT’s OL contract without any penalties (availability and models vary).
•    Transparency at any time the client wants to terminate the OL contract and wishes to purchase the vehicle subject to the contract; ALBARENT estimates the tax, technical, time and moral depreciation of the vehicle, and offers the vehicle for sale at market value.
•    Installing of the signaling device GPS in the vehicle, to monitor vehicle location, speed, fuel consumption and providing of monthly reports to the client - all for free inland. Increased safety and Fleet Management data for the client.
•    At the end of the contract with ALBARENT, according conform to the market value, the customer can apply the right of being the first one to purchase the vehicle.

If you are thinking of purchasing a new vehicle, ALBARENT is willing to offer the new vehicle, as you wish it and for the term that you desire, through Full and Personalized Operational or Long Term Lease-ing, for the terms of 12, 24, 36 and 48 months.

The main difference between Full and Personalized Operational or Long Term Lease-ing that we offer and the Common Financial Leasing:

There exists a fundamental difference between these two practices. In the case of Full and Personalized Operational or Long Term Lease-ing, the client is not obliged to make the full payment of the required deposit (20-30 or 35%) as well as not required to pay the entire total value of the vehicle received with OL, as long as the client abides by the terms of the agreement made between him and ALBARENT for the period agreed to the OL. In general the client profits from all the points, highlighted above.

Meanwhile, with the Common Financial Leasing, the payments usually get determined for a period of less then 36 months, therefore not giving the client the necessary flexibility and forcing him to purchase fully at the end, the vehicle chosen by him, turning this into a complete burden for the client. What is most important, the client can not declare this expenditure as a service cost, and his investment of paying by rates the purchasing of a vehicle it is not recognised by tax authorities as an expense, neither it's VAT amount (20%) nor in function of lowering the profit tax (10%) of the subject (client).

VW AMAROK 2.0 TDI 4X4 Pick-UpUnlike the FL (Financial Leasing), the Full and Personalized Operational or the Long Term Lease-ing offers flexibility, fixed monthly payments that cover everything, avoids any headaches to the client about the vehicle, allows the client to save on capital and use it on other investments, and does not force the client to necessarily and fully purchase the vehicle by offering a variety of packages with 12, 24, 36 and 48 months of payments.

With the Common Financial Leasing, besides the fact that the client is obliged to pay the whole value of the vehicle by the end of the procedure, the client is also required to pay for all other additional obligations such as the road tax, registration fees, green carton, insurance against third parties, etc. Meanwhile, with the Full Operational or the Long Term Lease-ing, the only obligation is the monthly payment of the bill, which covers everything, for the period that the customer operates the vehicle through the OL deal, with the 30% of its cost directly reeimbursed by the subject (client).